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elementares Silicium
Elemental Silicon

The SiliXan GmbH develops and produces silicon-based binder materials as well as complementary curing catalysts and additives for the production of innovative coating formulations with high-quality properties. Due to the multifunctional character of our raw materials entirely new material combinations in surface technology can be achieved. The whole process of production and the application of one or more coating layer hence are optimised in terms of resource and energy efficiency.

The company is primarily an innovation engine for the paint and coatings industry. Beyond that the novel raw materials can be used in other innovative branches of the chemical industry, thus we address to the following main target groups:

  • Manufacturer of paints, varnishes and coatings, particularly
    • Industrial coatings
    • Automotive OEM and automotive refinish paints as well as aircraft paints
    • Wood and furniture coatings
    • Architectural coatings
    • Anticorrosion paints, primer and marine paints
  • Manufacturer of industrial adhesives and sealants as well as of curable moulding compounds (dental and medical technique)
  • Lubricant, lubricant varnish (bonded coating) and release agent manufacturer

The modular design of the SiliXan chemistry enables a previously unknown combination of material properties. In contrast to the up to now known binders, which usually can only cover one of the properties decoration, protection or functionality, formulations made with SiliXan technology are capable to connect all these aspects. By intelligent combination of silane chemistry with chemical nanotechnology new degrees of freedom are taken in order to simplify processes, improve products fundamentally and to be cheaper in the total accounts as well as to be environmentally friendly at the same time.

From the starting material to the SiliXan end-product high environmental criteria are applied. Energy efficiency, resource conservation and the use of renewable raw materials are criteria for an ecological orientation under that SiliXan GmbH develops and offers their products.


Photos: lichtkunst.73  / pixelio.de

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