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European Coatings Show 2019

Feel invited to visit us at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg ECS Stand 2017 600x450

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19th to 21st of March

Hall 4A, booth 406c


 "New Ideas for your coating formulation"

SiliXan GmbH is again going to present its products in the field of of silicon-functional binders, additives and catalysts at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

Product highlights in 2019 will be:

  • Gloss and abrasion-resistant clearcoats for plastic and wood coatings, which crosslink without isocyanate at 20°C to 120°C via Si-O-Si bonds

  • Silicon-functional mono- and dual-cure UV coatings for plastics

  • High temperature stable corrosion protection coatings for steel and aluminum

  • Ultrathin anti-tharnishing coatings for stainless steel, steel and other metals

The products of SiliXan GmbH combine the properties of inorganic and organic materials. The element silicon there in forms the bridge between organic and inorganic chemistry, whereby for example almost glass-hard surfaces with high flexibility are achieved.

Visit our stand in hall 4A-406c and find in a personal conversation innovative solutions for your paint development.

We are looking forward to your coming.  Find here our delivery programm to be downloaded as PDF.

Plastic coatings // 1K clear coats

FL09 2017 CoverfotoPlease read our technical contribution to the "Farbe & Lack" published in September 2017

(plastic coatings // 1K clear coats)

„Zwei Welten, ein Lack" pdf-symbol
(F&L article as PDF in German)

The technical paper is only available in German language, but an English translation of the web presentation can be downloaded as PDF.

SiliXan 1K clear coats are a good alternative to 2K PU coatings.

The presented 1K SiliXan systems are characterized by an "organic backbone" with "silane heads" and do not contain any isocyanates

The „silane heads“ cross-link induced by humidity and a catalyst to an inorganic glass network that surrounds the organic backbone. This drying process is possible at room temperature or at temperatures between 60 and 180°C.

The SiliXan clear coats show a good stain and chemical resistance. The resistance against sun cream is improved enormously with regard to the 2K PU reference.

The scratch and abrasion resistance of conventional 2K PU coatings is exceeded by the inorganic character of the SiliXan U raw materials.

The results on 1K Dualcure SiliXan trial products are presented

Online presentation of 13th of September 2017  pdf-symbol (presentation as PDF translated to English)


European Coating-Show 2017

Feel invited to visit us at the European Coatings Show from 2017-04-04 to 06

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 Hall 4A, booth 406c

SiliXan GmbH will be presenting its products from the field of raw materials, additives and catalysts at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg from April, 04 - 06 2017 in Hall 4A, booth 406c under the motto "New ideas for your coating formulation".

Product highlights in 2017 are:

  • Isocyanate-free cross-linking 1K clear lacquers as future-oriented alternative to conventional 2K PU systems for wood, plastic and metal coatings

  • Silicon-functional mono- and dual-cure UV coatings for plastics

  • Ultra-hard coatings for stainless steel, aluminium and other metals

The company sees its largest market exactly where other raw material producers are currently saving. "Innovations and new ideas are increasingly rare in the paint industry in times of REACH and a steady increase in national and international regulations. This is precisely where we see our opportunity to score with affordable new raw material developments", said Dr. Frank Groß, Managing Director of SiliXan GmbH.

SiliXan focuses on multifunctionality, ecology and sustainability in its developments. "Our paint raw materials are supposed to redefine the possibilities that can be achieved with a varnishing", says Groß. The possibilities with the new raw materials are for example highly scratch-resistant plastics, chromate-free, long-term corrosion protection for steel and aluminium or completely new binders for building paints and wood.

The chemistry behind the developments is based on modern silicate chemistry and nanotechnology. SiliXan sees itself as a partner to the paint industry and is always looking for an optimal market-oriented solution together with its customers.

In addition to the raw materials, additives and curing catalysts, customers receive certified prescriptions and professional support for their developments and applications. It has never been easier to break new ground in the world of chemical innovations. "In particular for small and medium-sized companies, the SiliXan sees itself as the bridge to technological leadership in the paints and coatings industry. We are looking forward to every new challenge!", promises Dr. Frank Groß.

Let yourself be surprised by the variety of possibilities and visit the SiliXan at ECS 2017, Hall 4A-406c

This press release and the delivery programm to be downloaded as PDF.


Nano Coating Days 2016

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The European Nanotechnical Association (eNa) organises a symposium on nanotechnology coatings, on which the company SiliXan GmbH is represented (conference in German).

„Multifunktionelle Beschichtungen auf Basis siliciumfunktioneller Bindemittel“

„Multifunctional coatings on base of silicon functional binders“


More information on the German website.

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Silicon cross-linking premium clear coat"


ECS Reloaded 2016

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SiliXan GmbH on the European Coatings Show Reloaded 2016

"Silicium functional coatings for the protection of surfaces"

During the online presentation SiliXan GmbH will introduce the difference between principles of carbon and silicon chemistry. Novel silicium functional coating raw material offer the formulation of

  • Clear corrosion protection coatings for aluminium with a dry thickness of 3-15 µm
  • Passive corrosion protection paints for steel with a thickness of 15-100 µm (coloured, non-transparent)
  • Active corrosion protection paints for steel with a thickness of 5-30 µm, especially 5-10 µm (non-transparent topcoat or re-coatable primer)
  • Clear tarnish protection coatings for stainless steel with a dry thickness of 0.5-1 µm
  • Anti-fingerprint coatings for stainless steel with a thickness of 1-3 µm (transparent-clear, matt or transparent-coloured)

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 Visit us on the 11th of May 2016 online at ECS Reloaded.

 Images: Vincentz Network

Silicon cross-linking premium clear coat"

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