Plastic coatings // 1K clear coats

FL09 2017 CoverfotoPlease read our technical contribution to the "Farbe & Lack" published in September 2017

(plastic coatings // 1K clear coats)

„Zwei Welten, ein Lack" pdf-symbol
(F&L article as PDF in German)

The technical paper is only available in German language, but an English translation of the web presentation can be downloaded as PDF.

SiliXan 1K clear coats are a good alternative to 2K PU coatings.

The presented 1K SiliXan systems are characterized by an "organic backbone" with "silane heads" and do not contain any isocyanates

The „silane heads“ cross-link induced by humidity and a catalyst to an inorganic glass network that surrounds the organic backbone. This drying process is possible at room temperature or at temperatures between 60 and 180°C.

The SiliXan clear coats show a good stain and chemical resistance. The resistance against sun cream is improved enormously with regard to the 2K PU reference.

The scratch and abrasion resistance of conventional 2K PU coatings is exceeded by the inorganic character of the SiliXan U raw materials.

The results on 1K Dualcure SiliXan trial products are presented

Online presentation of 13th of September 2017  pdf-symbol (presentation as PDF translated to English)


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