Press release of March 2013

Just in time for ECS 2013 the SiliXan GmbH launches their business.

Dr. Frank Groß


Multi-functional binder concepts to revolutionise the paint and coatings industry.
"What makes our nanostructured resins and binders special: We are worldwide the only ones with such high-tech products in the paint area!", says managing director Dr. Frank Groß. The market for the company SiliXan is mainly in national and international SMEs. "There are a variety of small and medium-sized paint manufacturers that can get a great wave of innovation through the SiliXan" he says proudly.
The company focuses on binders, curing catalysts and additives that make possible a formulation of coatings with multifunctional properties.


Grüne Nanotechnologie"Green Nanotechnology" is the slogan under which the SiliXan sells their products. This is understood of Dr. Groß as a clear ecological orientation. "From the raw material used to the ready-manufactured product high environmental criteria are applied," according to Groß. "By intelligent development you enter the new dimension that provides a nanotechnology, in order to simplify processes, to improve products fundamentally and to be much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly at the same time. That is the goal and the future of modern nanotechnology! 

As a special highlight the SiliXan GmbH introduces starting formulations for highly scratch resistant automotive coatings. Besides that other products are shown, for example for the formulation of chromium-free corrosion protection coatings or efficient UV curing coatings. The modular design of the SiliXan chemistry offers a previously unknown combination of material properties. "In contrast to the up to now known binders, which can usually only cover one of the characteristics of decoration, protection or function, the paints that are made with SiliXan technology are capable to combine all these aspects," says Dr. Groß. He hopes for a successful show and thus a successful market entry. The SiliXan GmbH: a company from Germany's Saarland to be surely counted within the coming years!


The company SiliXan GmbH

The SiliXanGmbH meets the needs of innovative paint and varnish manufacturer by sales, application support and development of binders and supplement products for the formulation of future coating products and responds quickly and flexibly to changes of the requirements of its customers. The company and brand name SiliXan stands for

  • High quality raw materials for the formulation of coatings
  • Innovation in the paint and coatings sector
  • Multi-functionality and new properties
  • Raw material and resource efficiency (keyword: reduced paint system)
  • Energy efficiency within the industrial application of "SiliXan-based" ready-to-use formulations (keyword: process optimisation)
  • Environmental protection and sustainability (natural materials, renewable sources of raw materials)
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