European Coatings Conference "Automotive Coatings"

The SiliXan GmbH on the ECC "Automotive Coatings"
12./13. November 2013 at Duesseldorf

"Silicon cross-linking premium clear coat"

Novel silicon-based coating raw materials enable the formulation of high-quality clear coats for automotive application. These latest generation binders comprehend high quality urethanes that carry silicon groups which react with humidity at room temperature or which are poly-condensed at temperatures of 60 °C to 180° C. The liquid lacquer formulation itself is free of unsafe isocyanates and free of nano-particles. During the curing step the silicon heads are cross-linked to an inorganic glass network, which is made of nano-scaled silicon oxide. Hence high-solid or solvent-based clear coats with good abrasion and with excellent chemical resistance and UV-stability can be achieved. The properties of selected guide formulations are shown.

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Silicon cross-linking premium clear coat"
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