SiliXan U


SiliXan U – isocyanate free silicon cross-linking urethane compounds
Formulation of high abrasion resistant clear coat and paints with good chemical stability

The product class SiliXan U comprehends high quality binders for the formulation of highly abrasion-resistant lacquers and paints with good abrasion and chemical resistance. It is an UV stable urethane to bear the silicon groups which react with humidity at room temperature or which are forced at temperature of 60 ° C to 180 ° C to form a glass network. The SiliXan U products are free of toxic or unsafe isocyanates and contain as raw material no nanoparticles. After the application the contained "silane heads" react to nano-scaled SiO2 domains, which give rise to a high hardness and excellent wear resistance. These novel binders are suited to formulate highly transparent high-solid or solvent-based clear coats that can NOT be scratched with steel wool. The excellent property profile of the SiliXan U products leads to following application fields:

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Mode of action of SiliXan U

  • Formulation of high quality clear coats with high abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance
    • - temperature curing stove coatings (baking enamel)
    • - at room temperature moisture cross-linking systems
  • Improvement of the properties of 2K-PU systems
  • Combination with epoxide or melamine resin coatings
  • Increase of the mechanical resistance of silicone resin systems

A colouring of the SiliXan U binder is possible with standard colour pigments or dispersions. The silane heads of the urethane backbone stabilize in particular inorganic colour pigments very well and hence in SiliXan U based formulations to a large extent the requirement of interfering dispersing additives is reduced. Out of SiliXan U binders and corresponding inert inorganic pigments colour formulations can be developed, which are chalking and discoloration stable over thousands of hours in the Xeno weathering test.


Product name Solid content [%] Solvent Viscosity
Properties / usage TDS MSDS
SiliXan U 100 100% solventfree 280 - 370 Hard and abrasion resistant (steel wool) clear coats or paints for aluminium or plastic – thickness 5 to 20 µm. Additive for 2K-PU-, sol-gel or silicone resin system. Room temperature drying or curing at 60-180°C pdf-symbol pdf-symbol
SiliXan U 120 100% solventfree 435 - 535 High quality clear coats or pigmented coatings, especially directly adherent hard coatings (pencil hardness 5-7H) for aluminium. Improvement of the abrasion resistance and film hardness of temperature curing polyurethane or silicone resin systems.
temperature curing required (≥180°C)
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SiliXan U 130 100% solventfree 415 - 515 Alternative product to U 120
temperature curing required (≥180°C)
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SiliXan U 310 E
- 50/ PM
50% 1-methoxy-2-propanol 92 - 102 High quality UV stable clear coats or pigmented coatings. good adhesion on metals like aluminium or stainless steel. For application on plastic like PC, PC-ABS or PMMA an adhesion primer is recommended.
High abrasion resistant ambient curing coating for wood.
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SiliXan U 400 100% solventfree 1300 - 1700 Binder on natural material's base, solvent-free, for the formulation of OEM automotive clear coats with high alkaline resistance. pdf-symbol pdf-symbol

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