SiliXan W


SiliXan W– epoxide containing polymers based on nano-scaled silicon dioxide

Formulation of efficient corrosion protection coatings and improvement of the abrasion and chemical resistance in transparent and in pigmented coatings (Acrylate, PU dispersion, EP or melamine systems)

This class of binders represents polymers based on expoxymodified nano-scaled silicon dioxide (SiO2) to formulate efficient anti-corrosion coatings and improve the abrasion and chemical resistance in transparent and pigmented coatings based on polyurethane, epoxy or melamine resin. The products of the class SiliXan W improve the adhesion and the corrosion protection on aluminium and steel as well as the interlayer adhesion for top coats (improved overcoatability). SiliXan W-binders have a solids content of 30 to 50%wt and are free of aromatic epoxy or bisphenol. They contain water as main solvent and 5 to 10% ethanol as co-solvent. Following possible application fields arise for SiliXan W products:

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Mode of action of SiliXan W

  • Good adhering thermal curing coatings for aluminium and stainless steel (without primer)
  • Direct adhering coatings for glass
  • Reprintable coatings
  • Property enhancement in aqueous acrylate, epoxy and PU dispersions
  • Improvement of the abrasion resistance of aqueous forced drying 2K-PU-systems
    (reaction as capped diol with isocyanate)
  • Sole binder for curing at temperatures between 80 and 180°C
  • Binder or co-binder in aqueous RT-curing 2-component epoxy systems (cross-linking with amines)
  • Reactive partner for cross-linking with melamine, usually at temperatures from 80 to 180 °C
  • Wax-free and lubricant-free tribological coatings (bonded coating)
  • Hydrophilic coatings as well as antifog properties
  • Additive for sol-gel systems





Product name Solid content
pH Viscosity
Epoxy content
Application TDS MSDS
SiliXan W 120 40% 3.5-4.0 19 -24 0,9

Stoving coatings on glass and metals (steel, aluminum).
Combination with aqueous alkaline or acidic acrylate, epoxy or polyurethane dispersions possible.

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SiliXan W 125 38% 3.5-4.0 19 -24 0.8

like W 120, but more hydrophobic properties and thus improved chemical resistance and higher abrasion resistance at once. Application in aqueous acrylate, epoxy or PU dispersions as well as in sol-gel systems.

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SiliXan W 220
44% 4.0-4.5 11 - 14 0.9

Stoving coatings on glass and metals (steel, aluminum). Combination with aqueous acidic acrylate, epoxy or polyurethane dispersions possible (no alkaline dispersions).

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SiliXan W 300
50% 4.0-5.0 23 - 39 1.8

Good adhering primers and coatings for glass and metals. Cobinder for acidic formulations (sol-gel, acrylate, epoxy- or PU systems/dispersions). Higher content of aliphatic epoxide than W 120 or W 220.

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SiliXan W 550-15 AB 15% 6.9-8.2 8 - 10  

Hydrophilic inorganic-organic composite for the formulation of antifog coatings on glass or hydrophilic coatings on metals. Suited as adhesion primer for metals as well. Aromatics-free, can be combined with hydrophilic isocyanates.

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