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The product and technology portfolio of the SiliXan GmbH comprehends binder materials with silicon-functional groups as well as tailor-made catalysts and additives for the production of lacquers, paints or multifunctional coatings. The products can also be used for the formulation of adhesives, sealants or lubricants or curable molding compositions.

The following product groups are included in the SiliXan GmbH delivery program.


SiliXan T


SiliXan T – inorganic polymers on SiO2 base
Formulation of temperature stable coatings (250 to 800°C) or chemical resistant inorganic films

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SiliXan Cat

pille-catSiliXan Cat – Curing catalysts / starter

tailor-made catalysts for the cross-linking of SiliXan binders



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SiliXan A

pille-addSiliXan A – Additives

tailor-made additives for UV protection as well as for hydro- or oleophobisation

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