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The long waiting finally has an end. You are


to the European Coatings Show from 28. to 30. March 2023.

   SX ECS LogoHall 2, booth 423h


Our topics will be.

  • Coatings for glass 
    UV or thermal curing. Good adhering coatings for glasss via LED curing.
  • Coatings for metals (stainless steel, alumnium, steel)
    Antifinger print, corrosion, tarnish and scale protection
  • Coatings for plastic (PC, PMMA, PVC, polyester, painted surfaces)
    High gloss retention, scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Coatings for mineral surface (concrete, granite, plaster, marble)
    Stain protection, chemical resistance, easy-to-clean
  • Primer and clear coats for wood

We look forward to your coming.

PDF Downloads

Deliver program * Company brochure * Coatings for glass * Coatings for metals * Coatings for plastics * Coating for wood & mineral



Multifunctional surfaces

High quality raw materials for coatings => Application

Application support

and customer-orientated product adaption => Contact

Silicon-based coating raw materials

as a competitive advantage => Product overview

Plastic coatings // 1K clear coats

„Zwei Welten, ein Lack" pdf-symbol
(F&L-article as PDF in German)

European Coatings Show 2023

Feel invited to visit us at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg! Hall 2, booth 423h

Green Nanotechnology

unites raw material, resource & energy efficiency

SiliXan U

Temperature curing silicon functional polymers => SiliXan U
(Drying at 20°C to 180°C, short-time250°C)  

SiliXan M

Radiation curing silicon functional polymers => SiliXan M
(UV and LED curing)

SiliXan T

Inorganic-organic silicon functional polymers => SiliXan T
(Drying between 20°C and 950°C)

SiliXan S

Raw materials for special application => SiliXan S
(Active agent concentrates, impregnations, rust removers,...)

SiliXan W

Water-based silicon functional polymers => SiliXan W
(Drying at 20°C to 180°C, short-time 250°C)  

SiliXan A

Functional additives for SiliXans and silicones => SiliXan A
(Hydro- and oleophobic, easy-to-clean, slip,.. )  

SiliXan Cat

Catalysts for crosslinking SiliXans => SiliXan Cat
(Room temperature drying, forced drying)  



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