The product and technology portfolio of the SiliXan GmbH comprehends binder materials with silicon-functional groups as well as tailor-made catalysts and additives for the production of lacquers, paints or multifunctional coatings. The products can also be used for the formulation of adhesives, sealants or lubricants or curable molding compositions.

The following product groups are included in the SiliXan GmbH delivery program.

SiliXan U – isocyanate free silicon cross-linking urethane compounds


Formulation of high abrasion resistant clear coat and paints with good chemical stability

The product class SiliXan U comprehends high quality binders for the formulation of highly abrasion-resistant lacquers and paints with good abrasion and chemical resistance. It is an UV stable urethane to bear the silicon groups which react with humidity at room temperature or which are forced at temperature of 60 ° C to 180 ° C to form a glass network. The SiliXan U products are free of toxic or unsafe isocyanates and contain as raw material no nanoparticles. After the application the contained "silane heads" react to nano-scaled SiO2 domains, which give rise to a high hardness and excellent wear resistance. These novel binders are suited to formulate highly transparent high-solid or solvent-based clear coats that can NOT be scratched with steel wool. The excellent property profile of the SiliXan U products leads to following application fields:

SiliXan W– epoxide containing polymers based on nano-scaled silicon dioxide


The SiliXan W product class is used to formulate aqueous coatings for glass, metals and plastics. An application in water-miscible solvent systems is also possible.

This binder class stands for water-based inorganic-organic polymers that contain nanoscale silicon dioxide (SiO2) and stable aliphatic epoxy groups.
Improved adhesion and abrasion resistance is already achieved on glass with an addition of 5 to 10%.
On metals made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or zinc, the initial adhesion as well as the adhesion under corrosion stress is significantly improved, i.e. undermining of the coating and blistering is significantly reduced. Intercoat adhesion is increased for improved recoatability.
Furthermore, the products increase the abrasion resistance and compatibility with inorganic pigments and fillers in water-based plastic coatings.

The SiliXan W product line can be used to formulate efficient anti-corrosion coatings and to improve abrasion and chemical resistance in transparent and pigmented coatings based on polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy or melamine resin.

The SiliXan W products have between 30 and 50% solids and are free from aromatic epoxides or bisphenols. They contain water as a solvent and 5 to 10% ethanol as a co-solvent.

SiliXan M – unsaturated polymers based on nano-scaled silicon dioxide


Formulation of high-quality UV coatings as well as thermal or radical cross-linking systems

SiliXan® M binders are solvent-free inorganic-organic high-solid materials having a solids content of 80% to 90%. They consist of nano-scaled silicon oxides, which are modified at the molecular level with methacrylates or other unsaturated organic groups. This group of binders is suited for the formulation of preferably UV-curing, but also heat-induced crosslinking scratch and abrasion resistant coatings with high chemical resistance. SiliXan® M products can also be used as an additive or as a co-binder in an UV curing acrylate system. Furthermore, a combination with a cyanoacrylate or a peroxide adhesive is possible. The solvent-free SiliXan® M-binders are manufactured using a patented precipitation method. The products contain a proportion of zirconium, titanium or aluminum oxide tailored to the particular needs. The possible application fields for the product class SiliXan M are as follows:

SiliXan T – inorganic polymers on SiO2 base

pille t

Formulation of temperature stable coatings (250 to 800°C) or chemical resistant inorganic films

This product class stands for SiO2-based inorganic polymers for the formulation of high-temperature resistant coatings or for the production of inorganic films. SiliXan® T products are transparent, inorganic-organic silicon-based binders being either solvent-free or having a solids content of 10% to 40% in water or in an organic solvent. These predominant inorganic products are suitable for the formulation of glass-like coatings, which are stable up to temperatures of 800 ° C. Furthermore, our product portfolio also includes inorganic binder based on zirconium or titania, which have a high refractive index to be used in optical applications.

SiliXan S – raw materials for special applications

pille sActive agent concentrates for the formulation of corrosion protection coatings, easy-to-clean coatings or aerosols.

Under this class of products we offer active ingredient concentrates for the formulation of technical products or Do-It-Yourself products.

Potential applications for the raw materials of the class SiliXan S are

  • Active anti-corrosion coatings for spray or dip coating and for use as an aerosol
  • Highly effective rust remover
  • High temperature stabile active corrosion protection for spray or dip coating and for use as an aerosol
  • Scale protection coating for steel as high temperature stable oxidation protection
  • Hydrophobic impregnations or polishes (DIY Easy-to-clean applications)

SiliXan Cat – Curing catalysts / starter

pille-cattailor-made catalysts for the cross-linking of SiliXan binders

SiliXan® Cat products are special starter, which are particularly tuned to the catalysis of the Si-O-Si cross-linking in SiliXan U but also for SiliXan W, M, or T products.

SiliXan Cat 161 further catalyses the organic isocyanate-polyol crosslinking directly. Moreover SiliXan Cat 100 is suited for catalysis of the cross-linking of silicone resin or sol-gel systems.

SiliXan A – Additives

pille addtailor-made additives for UV protection as well as for hydro- or oleophobisation

The product class of SiliXan A comprehends customized additives, for example, to improve the UV protection or to decrease the free surface energy and hence to increase the hydrobisation and/or oleophobisation of a coating surface (non-stick or anti-adhesion properties).


SiliXan products – by application

Here you will find information on which SiliXan product groups are particularly interesting for specific applications.


  • PU= polyurethane
  • EP= epoxy or epoxide

Multifunctional surfaces

High quality raw materials for coatings => Application

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Silicon-based coating raw materials

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SiliXan U

Temperature curing silicon functional polymers => SiliXan U
(Drying at 20°C to 180°C, short-time250°C)  

SiliXan M

Radiation curing silicon functional polymers => SiliXan M
(UV and LED curing)

SiliXan T

Inorganic-organic silicon functional polymers => SiliXan T
(Drying between 20°C and 950°C)

SiliXan S

Raw materials for special application => SiliXan S
(Active agent concentrates, impregnations, rust removers,...)

SiliXan W

Water-based silicon functional polymers => SiliXan W
(Drying at 20°C to 180°C, short-time 250°C)  

SiliXan A

Functional additives for SiliXans and silicones => SiliXan A
(Hydro- and oleophobic, easy-to-clean, slip,.. )  

SiliXan Cat

Catalysts for crosslinking SiliXans => SiliXan Cat
(Room temperature drying, forced drying)  



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